Crafting A College Paper Fast

Have you realized that you are running out of time yet you have not yet completed your paper? Don’t worry because you are not alone. Many students find themselves in the same situation and need help to do their work.

I was also one of the many students who were a procrastinator, I used to write the papers a night before, but besides the hastily written work, I never got a grade less than A. We have compiled some tips to help you to bit your deadline. Relax as you go through the article and get the main points to elevate you to a higher height.

Writing an essay with many pages within some few hours

  1. Plan on your Time
  2. Come up with your introduction paragraph and dissertation
  3. Carry out your research
  4. Inscribe the paragraphs of your body
  5. Write down a conclusion
  6. Take a break to troubleshoot
  7. Do your final touches

Planning your Time

Students may be tempted to start writing without proper planning to beat your deadline immediately in a state of panic and anxiety. Resist. Please don’t do it. Pace yourself.

You have first to find out the amount of time you can take to complete writing the paper. If you are a slow writer, then you will write one page with a minimum of one hour per single page. You can write ten to twelve pages in five hours.

Let us assume that you want to write an 8 – page essay. It is a little bit difficult, but you will manage it. Spend about 30 minutes to research your topic, then use an hour to explain your finding, finally, use the remaining half an hour to carry out your editing, and then write your bibliography.

Come up with your Introduction Paragraph and Dissertation

The framework of your whole paper is your thesis. When you write a good introduction for your thesis, you will be optimistic about the rest of your research work.

First, define the point you want to put across in your research paper. You have to convince the reader of your chosen movie, how it signifies the past period in which its production was done and how you can make it look like it is of the same period though it was created in a completely different period.

When writing your dissertation, be concise and straightforward. Place your dissertation towards the end of the introductory paragraph. You may begin by briefly writing about the subsequent subtopics that are found in the following paragraphs. A good sub-topic contains three subtopics revolving around the main topic that you choose.

Carry out your research

The step will determine your fate. It would be best to convince your professor that you understood your topic and gone through several sources for a while. You may use the campus library or Google to find the sources that you need.

Look at different styles of citation. I recommend using a database other than Google to get good academic return sources.

Inscribe the paragraphs of your body

You may use the format below to write your paragraphs to achieve high-quality paragraphs.

Sentence 1: make a summary of the subtopic you are talking about in your work.

Sentence 2: state the reason why you consider the first sentence is correct.

Sentence 3: back up the second sentence

Sentence 4: show how sentence three supports the second and first sentences.

Sentence 5: support your ideas by writing quotes that relate to your work but do not use many of them.

Write down a conclusion

Your conclusion should give a summary of all your ideas that you have written about in your work. Summarize the main points. You can finally question your reader to ponder more on the topic even after finishing reading the paper.

Take a break to troubleshoot

When you feel stuck in your work, take a break and compose yourself.

Do your final touches

In this stage, when a student has finished with your work, you can begin revising and editing your work.


Plan your work so that you may beat the deadline of submission as you use the processes above. Never panic!

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