12 Effective Thesis Statement Examples

The thesis statement is where you make a claim, identifying the topic you’ll be discussing or the argument you’ll be making. Having a solid thesis statement is key to writing a successful research paper. It’s usually placed in the first paragraphs to introduce the ideas you’ll discuss in the main body.

Here are 12 thesis statement examples provided by blog at Thesisrush.com to help you create an effective thesis statement for your paper:

  1.  Resources for Students from Low-Income Families. Schools should ensure low-income students have access to educational resources in the summer to prevent them from forgetting what they learned in the school year.
  2. School Uniforms. Wearing uniforms helps level students from different socioeconomic backgrounds, promoting a sense of equality at school.
  3. Populism. Increasing globalization, the fall of employment in the manufacturing sector, and the Syrian refugee crisis fueled populism during the 2016 US presidential campaign.
  4. Studying Abroad. Going overseas to get your college education can be a highly valuable experience culture-wise. It’s also the best way to become fully immersed in another culture and language.
  5. Public Libraries. Libraries are essential community resources hence should be funded more heavily by local municipalities.
  6. Vaccinations. Given that many children can’t be vaccinated due to illness, we must require that all healthy and able children get vaccinated to have herd immunity.
  7. Body Image Issues in Women. In the past few years, magazines have gone out of their way to include models with diverse body types. However, society still has a long road ahead when it comes to celebrating womens’ bodies of all sizes.
  8. Veganism. While healthy, being a vegan indicates privilege and hinders you from experiencing other cultures through their food when traveling abroad.
  9. Work-Life Balance. Companies should provide employees with more remote work opportunities and six-hour workdays for a better work-life balance and increase their productivity.
  10. Women in the Labor Force. In the book Lean In, author Sheryl Sandberg explores the topic of women in the workplace. However, her focus is on highly privileged working women, excluding women in jobs that require lower skills and pay less.
  11. Diversity in the Workforce. Workplace diversity results in more valuable ideas, better cooperation, and improved empathy among people of different races or backgrounds.
  12. University Athletes Should Receive Compensation. University athletes deserve to be compensated for their service to the university since it is difficult for them to procure and hold a job while juggling academic and athletic schedules. Moreover, many student-athletes on scholarships come from low-income households, hence making ends meet while actively pursuing athletics can be a struggle.

Do you still feel stuck?

If you need help writing your thesis statement or are yet to understand what makes a good thesis statement, consult your teacher/professor.

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