Tips To Revise Your Academic Writing

If you get some time to do your revision, you have to peruse and revive your paper and create time to rest for your brain to be refreshed. You have to take a break once in a while to have time out of your normal reading schedule. The break you take may give you a fresh outlook on your academic paper.

Put aside your academic writing paper at least twice during the period. The first time is within the period of reorganizing and restructuring your work and the second time is when you will be focusing on the details and polishing your work. You may have some questions that will help you to assess the draft that you’ve made. Responses may be used to revise your written paper by simply reorganizing so that your best points may stand out. Your main points may stand out by eliminating unnecessary information, adding the required information, and making your sentences and sections clear.

Identify your focal agenda

You have to summarize your dissertation and be clear in the main points you are addressing evidence supporting your point. Imagining that your paper is someone’s work and check if the paper has a clear thesis or if you can predict what the paper would be talking about.

Know your determination and your audience

What message do you want to put across in your paper? Is your focus based on evaluation of the reading process? Analyzing the reading? Evaluating the reading? Is it about the application of the reading to some situations?

Gauge your proof

Do you have enough proof that supports your dissertation? Have you cited the quotation in the text you are using as evidence that you have written properly?

Save the good sections only

Do you have ideas that are relating to the thesis? Is there anything not fitting your thesis? If the questions above cannot be properly answered, then your thesis needs to change to deliver the right ideas that should be delivered.

Make your language to be clear and of strong weight

Is there a sense in all the ideas you have written, or does it deviate from the agenda you are trying to deliver? Are your sentences or ideas confusing? Have your paper read vocally for unclear ideas and the presence of awkward pauses. Remove or replace misused words, extra or vague words.

Correct the grammatical usage and errors

Do you notice any grammar errors, spelling, or punctuation? Make a note of anything that you feel as if could be wrong. You may find someone like your friend or a professional to help you fix the problems if you find it challenging to do the corrections. It will help to relieve your stress and make your work look great.

Make your work reader-centered instead of it being writer centered

View the paper as if it belongs to someone else and not your work. Try to be detached from the work that you have written as you review the paper.


Paper writing requires you to review your content to produce quality work that the reader will enjoy reading. Reviewing involves a series of processes that should be followed.  During the review, grammatical errors are eliminated, and the reader should easily understand a simple and clear language.

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