50 Research Paper Topic Ideas

Choosing a research topic can be more complicated than writing the research paper itself. As a student, you may encounter various issues that hinder you from creating engaging thesis topics. These include lack of creativity, lack of research resources, and insufficient essay writing skills and experience.

So how do you overcome these problems? In this article, we are going to share some tips for choosing a research paper topic and 50 examples of good research topics.

Tips for choosing a Research Paper Topic

  • Observe your interests.
  • Ensure there is enough information on the topic to write a paper.
  • Follow your teacher’s guidelines.

50 Examples of Interesting Research Paper Topics

College-level Topic Ideas

  1. Should teacher competency assessment be compulsory?
  2. Teenage drinking and substance abuse.
  3. College students should be allowed to choose the courses they take.
  4. Suicide among college students.
  5. College education funding sources.

High School-level Topic Ideas

  1. Benefits of bilingual education.
  2. Should corporal punishment be permitted?
  3. Is the No Child Left Behind Act working?
  4. Should students with and without disabilities be taught in the same classroom?
  5. What are the primary reasons for grade inflation?

College-level Psychology Topic Ideas

  1. Mental disorders: Understanding self-injury.
  2. Impact of Tourette Syndrome in young adults.
  3. Sleep disorders: Effects and treatments.
  4. Is Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) usage in medicine legal?
  5. Pros & cons of deinstitutionalization.

Science Topic Ideas

  1. Forensic science technology.
  2. Obstacles scientists faced in breaking the sound barrier.
  3. The role of stem cells for disease treatment.
  4. The risks of nuclear power.
  5. Effectiveness of breast cancer screening?

Religion and Literature Topic Ideas

  1. The Shakespeare authorship controversy.
  2. The Divine Comedy: Dante’s medieval masterpiece.
  3. Islam as a religion of peace.
  4. Comparison of Madame Bovary and Anna Karenina.
  5. The relationship between Dante and Virgil.

Argumentative Topic Ideas

  1. Arguments for euthanasia.
  2. The federal government should regulate the internet.
  3. HIV treatment and survivorship.
  4. Drunk driving: License suspension and revocation.
  5. Impact of animal protection on businesses.

US History Topic Ideas

  1. The history of religion in the United States.
  2. How immigration has defined American culture.
  3. The historical impact of the internet on presidential campaigns.
  4. American agriculture: social issues then and now.
  5. The guide to women in nineteenth-century America.

Human Rights and Human Resource Topic Ideas

  1. Diversity in the workplace.
  2. How does the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) work?
  3. Business ethics: whistleblowing.
  4. How wages impact employee productivity.
  5. Privacy protection measures businesses can take.

Law Enforcement Topic Ideas

  1. Police brutality and racial discrimination in the United States.
  2. Effects of racial profiling.
  3. Most common juvenile offenses.
  4. Police response to incidents involving bombs.
  5. How long does police officer training take?

Business Topic Ideas

  1. Small business & taxation.
  2. Ensuring a positive work environment.
  3. Contemporary financing techniques: Crowdfunding & outsourcing.
  4. Benefits of owning a small business.
  5. Why most startups fail to succeed.

We hope reading this article inspires you to choose a good topic for your research paper. Good luck with your project.

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